zondag 4 oktober 2009

Amelle Len

Amelle is an Enabler. She can activate any text containing mystical encoding or magical programming. To outsiders it looks like an invocation, but in fact it's much more complicated than that. It's considered a rarity to have the insight into the complicated and abundant data surrounding even a single word of such incantations. Everything is important here; the correct intonation, the right mind-set, and the complete and utter concentration on the subject one is handling. Here she's just summoned one of her favorite elemental familiars: Maelach, an earth dragon. She's not wearing her bright yellow prescription glasses because she sees way better when there's magic activity-pollen in the air. Amelle is very down to earth, keeping somewhat to herself most of the time, but it's not hard to surprise a smile out of her, since she's always genuine and has the best intentions for everyone. When she gets angry or frustrated she's almost completely unable to physically express that stress because of her gentle nature. This internal tension can then causes certain natural or physical elements around her to become unbalanced, which sometimes results in very dangerous atmospheric discharges (or some very strange occurences, like goldfish raining from the sky. This actually has happened twice) So in those moments she has to isolate herself until she has calmed down.
-Favorite food; Anything with fruits or lots of vegetables
-Favorite music; Capsule, Perfume, SNSD...
-Favorite label; All Saints
-Catchphrase; "Uh, I guess so.."

zondag 26 juli 2009

Stretch (Aka Kyle Dorton)

He's from a small town in Texas, Colorado, called Chanceux. He was lucky to live out his youth in a very tolerant community, where his ability earned him the nickname Stretch. Not only can he lengthen and twist his limbs to incredible proportions, he's also able to modify his molecular structure into any other substance he wishes. He can, for example, become hard as titanium, increase his volume by three times or even change his features and anatomy to match that of anyone he chooses to mimick. And simultaneously, as well. Sometimes, though, going through too many changes in one day can lead to periods of regression, not uncommon to the people with abilities. He then has to lock himself up for half a day in a dark room and suffer through horrible migraines. He has medication that soothes those ailments, but a cure hasn't been found yet, and scientists fear it's genetic. All of this has made him cautious, as opposed to his reckless youth, and less volatile. He tries to compensate for his varying strength by exercising. A lot. He still is very open-hearted and a goofball, and sometimes he can be quite clumsy. He is probably the most steadfast of the gang though. Admires Myra for her fearlessness, and might have a crush on her... Maybe. He's very secretive on those things. No-one really knows much about his personal life. Oh, and speaks with y'all and all and ain't it the darndest thang!
-Favorite food; Chickin!
-Favorite music; Wolfmother, Jimi Hendrix, The Pixies
-Label; Whut?
-Catchphrase; "Now I don't know if tha's sucha good idea... "

donderdag 18 juni 2009

Cornelia Bachmann

Myra's grandmother.  On a sidenote, it's not as if Myra is one of those typical orphaned heroines, her parents aren't dead, they just don't have any abilities and are therefore not of interest right now.  Cornelia is something of a dimension-manipulator.. Don't know what that translates into yet lol.  I just know there's a lot of floaty glossy cubes and geometrical stuff going on.  And as for her appearance; she is wealthy beyond reason, so she cn afford to buy the most extravagant outfits straight of the runway of the underground avant-garde.  She won't find anything of her liking anywhere else anyway.  She's very doting on her granddaghter.  The only person other than herself she'd spend money on..  She and her husband have a kind of stiff cease-fire going on, they're both too proud to divorce.  He never was fond of finding out she had powers.  Having gone through some hardships has made her tough, though she's less severe than you'd expect, and she's not devoid of wry humour.  And still creepily spry for her age.
Favorite food: Anything from a molecular restaurant
Favorite music: Moby
Label: Pugh, Margiela
Catchphrase: "..."

dinsdag 26 mei 2009

Myra Lautner

Meet Myra.. as mentioned previously, controls the non-physical (non-tangible) forces of nature.  Her main gig is telekinesis and slowing time.  So here she's making her Vespa float around.  She loves riding her bike, preferably at illegal speed and on unstable mountainways.  With no hands.  She's reckless, loves all the extreme sports, even the ones that haven't been invented yet, she'll take care of that.  But once confronted with actual human beings she clams shut.  she may be shy, but she'll laugh like a donkey and enjoy herself when prodded in the right ways.  Hates old people, except her grandma, Cornelia (the elderly cube lady in the big pic) whom she loves more than- er, her bike.
-Favorite food; Spring rolls
-Favorite music: Wolfmother, Pearl Jam, Garbage
-Label: M+F Girbaud
-Catchphrase: "YEEEHAW!!"

woensdag 20 mei 2009

Beryl Evans

I've finally started making character sheets for the guys in my big drawing! Yay!  First up (hope I will be able to arse myself to do all of them..) is Beryl. 22 years old, full of vitality, has a tendency to rattle on for hours when she feels like talking.  Might look a bit shallow at first, with her expensive style and sexy attitude, but isn't.  Highly intelligent, somewhat neurotic about cleanliness, dislikes cute and cuddly things, but altogether very altruistic.  She controls the physical aspects of natural laws, whereas Myra (the redhead) bends the non-physical ones (gravity, time, velocity of objects etc).  Here she's seen transforming her dress in a cascade of water.
favorite food: oysters
favorite music: La Roux, the Presets, Ladyhawke
Label; Balmain
Catchphrase: "Sorry, are you gonna eat that...?"

maandag 11 mei 2009

donderdag 7 mei 2009

My master is ill

School assignment.. Had to illustrate the relationship between a dog and it's master (who is ill/ailing) in a double portet.. I chose to over-humanise the dog, make it outgrow it's master's human (supposed) superiority, as dogs are always portrayed in popular culture as understanding of the human language and idiosynchrasies, but unable to communicate with us out of themselves.  And on the other hand, the human is being taken out of the picture (quite literally :p) as he weakens and becomes more irrelevant and unable to take care of himself (which is how humans sometimes condescendingly look upon pets and familiars).  No I'm not especially a dog lover, just thought it was an interesting psychological aspect to investigate ;)

zondag 26 april 2009

Ginger spring

Not much to add... Just felt like drawing yet ANOTHER redhead, though this one's more of a worked-out version of the one in my group-picture.  Her name is Myra.  And yes, Those butterflies have wings that look kinda like flower petals.. The girl can do magic.  Bend the laws of nature and stuff.  Enjoy! 

zondag 15 maart 2009


12 characters.. But no background yet.  Don't know if I'll add more people to that picture..  I might :)  That, and I tweaked the mistakes of the previous version.

zaterdag 17 januari 2009

Are you in?

Basically, my first drawing of 2009.  Not really any story behind this...  It was heavily inspired by Guy Bourdin, what with the laqué background and the red hair (two of my all time aesthetic favourites; redheads and mirror-sheen glossiness :p).

Robotic Society

This was a poster I designed for a new party they were giving in one of the clubs I go to, Café Capital.