donderdag 16 september 2010

Cornelia and Anoé

Cornelia locked Anoé away in another dimension a long time ago. He is a demon of discord and a peddler of allegiances. It is said that he was the one who whispered of rebellion to Lucifer and drove him to turn his allegiance from The Almighty. Cornelia is deaf to his taunts and sickly sweet pleadings, but he is so crafty that sometimes he manages to force an entry into this world to try and connive and plot his way out. Thankfully the cubic anterooms containing him are indestructable. But who knows what Anoé might achieve if he sets his sights on lesser-experienced members of the Bachmann clan?

zaterdag 28 augustus 2010

vrijdag 20 augustus 2010


The demon Camphor reaches out to Amelle. I'm very happy with the more painterly direction I'm taking, which is making me feel like all my previous drawings are made of cardboard... I'm planning to take it further and experiment more.

Myra again

Myra freezes time during a meteor shower.


Beryl being displeased/disgruntled/on her period


Nothing much to add.. Felt like drawing a fuller lady for once.

donderdag 1 juli 2010

Of missing persons

These are the first five pages for my comic book-assignment at Ringling. It was the last one, and it had to be done in six weeks time. The fifth page is just composed of the imagery I managed to finished, no lay-out, and none of the pages has got any text yet. There is a sixth page, but I'll upload it when I've finished all of them, and then I can start on the second half of the story. I'm not gonna write down what it's about yet, since I don't want to spoil too much yet.