donderdag 24 april 2008

Water dragon ivocation

A water dragon invoker in action.  Yeah, the dragon took me forever to finish, I spent worlds of time on detail, it was approximately..  er, a BIG size in any case.  Like most of my drawings it's best viewed in fullsize.  To appreciate the sweat, blood and tears :)

Oh yeah, and I suck at backgrounds.  Must work on that.

Earth dragon

This is an earth dragon I drew when I had just installed Photoshop.  One word; painstaking.  It took me a lot of hours with the mouse.  That's a mane of roots around his neck and face.

woensdag 23 april 2008


Sketch on paper, colours in Photoshop


I wanted to try a slightly subtler approach towards a finished result, so as not to clog the whole drawing by painting it shut.  So I left the design for the city in line.  It's a concept for an underwater/half submerged Atlantean Civilisation... or something.

Fire Invoker

This is the girl from my profile Photo.  Made her from scratch in Photoshop.  Worked long long hours on her, seeing as I didn't have a wacom yet, so with the mouse... Yeah, it was a tortuous road, I can assure you.  She's supposed to be some kind of fire invoker and therefore her hair trasforms into flames.  And she's beckoning (quite proud of the hands if I may say :) ) Because she also represents passion, which is a key feeling in my works most of the time, or what drives them at least.  So she's a kind of muse.