zondag 26 juli 2009

Stretch (Aka Kyle Dorton)

He's from a small town in Texas, Colorado, called Chanceux. He was lucky to live out his youth in a very tolerant community, where his ability earned him the nickname Stretch. Not only can he lengthen and twist his limbs to incredible proportions, he's also able to modify his molecular structure into any other substance he wishes. He can, for example, become hard as titanium, increase his volume by three times or even change his features and anatomy to match that of anyone he chooses to mimick. And simultaneously, as well. Sometimes, though, going through too many changes in one day can lead to periods of regression, not uncommon to the people with abilities. He then has to lock himself up for half a day in a dark room and suffer through horrible migraines. He has medication that soothes those ailments, but a cure hasn't been found yet, and scientists fear it's genetic. All of this has made him cautious, as opposed to his reckless youth, and less volatile. He tries to compensate for his varying strength by exercising. A lot. He still is very open-hearted and a goofball, and sometimes he can be quite clumsy. He is probably the most steadfast of the gang though. Admires Myra for her fearlessness, and might have a crush on her... Maybe. He's very secretive on those things. No-one really knows much about his personal life. Oh, and speaks with y'all and all and ain't it the darndest thang!
-Favorite food; Chickin!
-Favorite music; Wolfmother, Jimi Hendrix, The Pixies
-Label; Whut?
-Catchphrase; "Now I don't know if tha's sucha good idea... "