zondag 4 oktober 2009

Amelle Len

Amelle is an Enabler. She can activate any text containing mystical encoding or magical programming. To outsiders it looks like an invocation, but in fact it's much more complicated than that. It's considered a rarity to have the insight into the complicated and abundant data surrounding even a single word of such incantations. Everything is important here; the correct intonation, the right mind-set, and the complete and utter concentration on the subject one is handling. Here she's just summoned one of her favorite elemental familiars: Maelach, an earth dragon. She's not wearing her bright yellow prescription glasses because she sees way better when there's magic activity-pollen in the air. Amelle is very down to earth, keeping somewhat to herself most of the time, but it's not hard to surprise a smile out of her, since she's always genuine and has the best intentions for everyone. When she gets angry or frustrated she's almost completely unable to physically express that stress because of her gentle nature. This internal tension can then causes certain natural or physical elements around her to become unbalanced, which sometimes results in very dangerous atmospheric discharges (or some very strange occurences, like goldfish raining from the sky. This actually has happened twice) So in those moments she has to isolate herself until she has calmed down.
-Favorite food; Anything with fruits or lots of vegetables
-Favorite music; Capsule, Perfume, SNSD...
-Favorite label; All Saints
-Catchphrase; "Uh, I guess so.."

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