dinsdag 26 mei 2009

Myra Lautner

Meet Myra.. as mentioned previously, controls the non-physical (non-tangible) forces of nature.  Her main gig is telekinesis and slowing time.  So here she's making her Vespa float around.  She loves riding her bike, preferably at illegal speed and on unstable mountainways.  With no hands.  She's reckless, loves all the extreme sports, even the ones that haven't been invented yet, she'll take care of that.  But once confronted with actual human beings she clams shut.  she may be shy, but she'll laugh like a donkey and enjoy herself when prodded in the right ways.  Hates old people, except her grandma, Cornelia (the elderly cube lady in the big pic) whom she loves more than- er, her bike.
-Favorite food; Spring rolls
-Favorite music: Wolfmother, Pearl Jam, Garbage
-Label: M+F Girbaud
-Catchphrase: "YEEEHAW!!"

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