donderdag 18 juni 2009

Cornelia Bachmann

Myra's grandmother.  On a sidenote, it's not as if Myra is one of those typical orphaned heroines, her parents aren't dead, they just don't have any abilities and are therefore not of interest right now.  Cornelia is something of a dimension-manipulator.. Don't know what that translates into yet lol.  I just know there's a lot of floaty glossy cubes and geometrical stuff going on.  And as for her appearance; she is wealthy beyond reason, so she cn afford to buy the most extravagant outfits straight of the runway of the underground avant-garde.  She won't find anything of her liking anywhere else anyway.  She's very doting on her granddaghter.  The only person other than herself she'd spend money on..  She and her husband have a kind of stiff cease-fire going on, they're both too proud to divorce.  He never was fond of finding out she had powers.  Having gone through some hardships has made her tough, though she's less severe than you'd expect, and she's not devoid of wry humour.  And still creepily spry for her age.
Favorite food: Anything from a molecular restaurant
Favorite music: Moby
Label: Pugh, Margiela
Catchphrase: "..."

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