donderdag 1 mei 2008

Messing around with Sarah

I've been adapting my style a bit, trying to opt for a more defined approach, so instead of drawing the whole thing, I built it up from scratch with shapes and facets.  I did not draw a single line in this work, it's completely constructed out of little forms, kinda like vectors.  

Yeah, I just had some fun, trying to caricature Sarah Jessica Parker, messing around with cute little outfits (gosh!) and adding the three other gals to the picture.

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Mathias zei

Hey 'Gotjee' ;)

I've added your blog in my list of interesting links.
I like your sketches a lot (down below) but when you work with the computer you have to do 'something more'. Don't get me wrong: they are good, but I can't really explain it, but looking at these 'Sex in the City'- illustrations, I think they're a lot better then your previous posts. It reminds me a little bit of South Park...and that's a good thing! :)

So, dude, keep up the good work, and don't lose hope when you're stuck!



Tjee, why am I talking in English anyway?

yves de brabander zei

onnozel :-p